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In addition, all of these celebrities also hail from New Jersey. The list also contains musicians, comedians and singers in addition to celebrities. M also a HUGE fan of the music industry. Re sitting in your living room and your computer is turned on to check your email. Re now ready to start your day. You open up your browser and go to your personal Gmail address. Re not surprised to see a few messages from some of your contacts. Re also greeted by a bunch of new email on your phone. T even had that much information yet. T made it to their Gmail accounts yet. You see a new window pop up in the bottom right part of your screen. You begin jumping up and down in a joyous manner. Re taken to the same page you were on when you started your internet session. You can still access your Gmail and other sites. There are no major changes to your life or your life in general. Re in awe of how quickly time has passed for you. Ve been a slave to that computer all day and how great it is.

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