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And I hear youre offering free calls to celebrities through your app. Did you know I have over 2 million fans on Facebook. You can have my number, I think a friend of mine on my team will take you now. When you leave the office, Diddy is waiting for you on the street corner. So have fun with your new celebrity friends. Were going to be a lot more than that now, you say. You hang up and Diddys face doesnt even twitch. You have a few hours to spare and you were never going to see those celebrities anywayWith his new cell number, youre in. The next day you wake up early, grab your rental car, and head over to the D. The drive takes a while because all those celebs dont really live there. When all is said and done, you find only a few dozen houses and apartments, all rented out. When you park near the front door to one of the apartments, two young people come out to invite you inside. Theyre about your age, both wearing hoodies and jeans. They both look you up and down, but not aggressively. Dude, we dont give a shit about your friendship. Come in and well give you our number, they say. Come on, we have thousands, you gotta work. Were only getting fifteen bucks for this service. Come on, we can do a deal, they say. Come on, lets go get something to eat. Fine, but Ill pay you back soon. You ignore themFine, I wont talk to or see you. You should have come to me for a free number instead, you say. Come on, just sit down and order something, they say. You tell the woman to order while you take out your debit card. The young guy pays the bill and hands you the card.

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