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Mp3 Category: general posted at: 12:00pm EDTFdip221: The Legend Of Lou The Lothario This week were talking about a legend. An old one, sure, but still one that still resonates strongly among most of us. One of the greats and I dont just mean the music but also the man behind it all, Lou The Lothario. A true Renaissance man and one of those people that every one of us can relate to in one way or another. Even if you were just 10 feet tall and had no talent, you could probably appreciate what Lou the Lothario has to offer. The fact that hes still going strong and still manages to draw an audience of thousands of people every year proves that there is a big enough part of the population that sees his talent and can identify with him. In this episode of The History of Hip-Hop, we take a trip back to the 80s. Lou the Lothario himself sits in with us and tells us all about his life and a lot of it is very funny. Plus we talk about some of the best songs ever made and where theyd be if they were made today. Mp3 Category: general posted at: 12:00pm EDTFdip210: The Good War This week we talk about the first Gulf War. A war fought against Iraq and it was an incredible failure for the United States. Were not talking about the war in Afghanistan either, because it was a failure even more so. And were talking about all of the negative things that came with it. Because the fact of the matter is, even though the war against Iraq was a failure because there were no victory conditions and theres no way that an army could win the war on their own, it should also be noted that America did win it. America was still around and the country was stronger than it has ever been. We also start to get into some good war stories, including a tale of bravery from one of the soldiers and a little-known fact about the war that shows how well the US was prepared for an all-out major invasion by Saddam Hussein. Mp3 Category: general posted at: 12:00pm EDTFdip209: The Greatest Generation This week on The History of Hip-Hop we take a trip back in time to the Greatest Generation. A time when America was going through a difficult time. The Great Depression hit and it hit hard, especially for older people, but those who remained in.

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celebrities favorite foods