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Naughty high-quality GIFs of sexy celebrities from movies and TV shows that can get past Tumblrs censorship. Why you should stan these kpop groups.

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Image copyright AFP Image caption Mr Trumps remarks drew swift condemnation from former presidential candidatesDonald Trump has promised to repeal Barack Obamas healthcare plan to help Americans, but will not commit to funding its replacement. The president-elect told the Wall Street Journal he would not guarantee a replacement plan would be funded by the federal government. His predecessor, Mr Obama, had made this a condition for repealing his healthcare plan. Republican leaders say a replacement will be voted on in the first 100 days next January. But Mr Trump said his plan would be the largest tax cut and the biggest economic development package since the Great Society. We are going to take care of everybody, he was quoted as saying. His healthcare bill had passed the House of Representatives earlier this month, but it was unable to pass the Senate. But Mr Trump said he was excited about the potential for a repeal, and the new Republican Congress would get to work on it sooner. President Trump wants a law that will give Americans a choice of healthcare plans – although he did not specify this. He also wants a tax break for Americans who buy their insurance on the government-run exchanges. Media playback is unsupported on your device Media caption Donald Trumps Obamacare replacement will be much simpler than the law currently stands, says Jonathan MarcusDuring his campaign, Mr Trump promised to repeal and replace a healthcare scheme he called horrendous. Mr Trump had promised voters that he would make America a very rich country again, but the plan on offer in his speech to the Wall Street Journal did little to assuage fears that he would make good on such pledges. I think hes going to make Obamacare worse than it is, said Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who has threatened to vote against Mr Trump when the healthcare bill comes before the Senate. The Texas senator said Republicans would move beyond Obamacare and focus on a bill that would make insurance more affordable for the middle class. I dont believe thats what he was offering yesterday, he added. Image copyright AFP Image caption House Speaker Paul Ryan said he believed Mr Trumps healthcare speech was an indication of the Republican agendaIt was also unclear what would happen to a proposed tax cut for middle-income Americans who choose to buy health insurance on the exchanges, or subsidy. Mr Ryan says this would be paid for with a new tax on imports.

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