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You leaveYou leave the room, closing it slowly behind you. D almost think that your room was still unlocked. T anyone actually want to use this room before. Well you can have it back if you want. Kate says and then runs away from you. It probably was just a ploy to get you to use your room. T really hurt to use it, you were in a good mood anyway. You get on the bus and get on the same line as you always take. When you get off, you see that the bus is almost empty, but then you remember that most people have gone to places like this on Friday nights. So you get on another bus that goes into the city and go to a different club than you usually do. Re now at looks pretty much the same as you remember. It does seem a little different though, because as you walk around with a group of guys you pass a guy talking to one of them. M not exactly in the best mood myself at the moment.

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