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M sort of surprised to see him in this line of work. Re working alongside and everything else at the same time. S been kind of like my uncle at times. So is it coincidence or is something else going on here. He starts to ask you some personal questions again. T look bothered by your actions and you think about how you need to take a break. T want to deal with him anymore after what you just talked about. You say your goodbyes and start to walk back to your place. Your thoughts of Dick get louder, but you continue walking. After a few minutes you get back to your place. You tell yourself you should have had a little more self control. You just act like the good girl you are. T happen that way, you get up the next morning feeling more miserable than you did yesterday. T feel like taking that break that you should have. So you force yourself to go back to work. M starting to get a feel for my new co-workers. I think I could do a lot better than them. When you get home, Dick is already there waiting for you. He looks a bit better looking than yesterday and.

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celebrities died in 2019