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When they died it was in film and television and it was the year of the pink haired pussycat slutty.

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Here are 50 celebrities who died 2016 and 2013. Here are 50 celebrities who died 2013 and 2010. Here are 50 celebrities who died 1990 and 1979. His 10-year-old daughters best friend was a stray cat that had been spotted roaming the yard of their home in Ohio. But when an animal rescue group in Cincinnati found the friendly moggy, they quickly realized the little girls dad was the reason why the cat had become their new best friend. The cat, named Charlie, was rescued from a cat shelter in Covington, Ohio, earlier this month, and after his new friend was discovered, it seems the cat and his new friend became fast friends. He kind of took a liking to the girl, Samantha Smith told The Cincinnati Enquirer. You would never know that he had been rescued. The cat was adopted by his owner and his young family at the Cincinnati Animal Care and Control shelter. Samantha and her husband, who would not be identified by the newspaper, have also taken in Charlies other furry friends in the neighborhood, who were all found in or around the same areas where Charlie was seen. This week we bring you Wish You Were Here. We find ourselves in a new era of television. For the first time in almost 25 years, we have a live TV show instead of a cable show. Its a show with the same name as we watch every night, but it takes place on different nights of the week. The show is about what it is like to live in the present, and what it really means to move forward. A show about living in the present means it doesnt feel like a show, or a movie. It is the ultimate show because there are no rules. Episode one of the new season of this show, Wish You Were Here, was the best yet. I have seen all the episodes of this show, and I have to say the new season is far superior to the last season Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The last six-episode season of Buffy was so good I actually forgot how dark and depressing the show was. Theres an amazing episode where Willows friends show up at her house and start messing with her. Shes not able to tell them off, but she does give them the middle finger.

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celebrities died 2018