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This article is edited from the original article published in Hollywood Star. Is Youre not the only one who cares about this website. You can do something to make sure people never get taken in by lies and bullshit ever again. You create what people consider to be evidence about celebrities dying. You post your own celebrity death fake stories You think its a good idea to fake something as stupid as someone dying. Youre not sure what it is now; you just know that you need help and you cant get it. You read some news about a celebrity dying and start reading stories just like the ones on this website. The latest in the ongoing drama surrounding the state of the Trump administration and its ties to Russia is the revelation that former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn may have offered to testify that Donald Trump directed him to talk to the Russian Ambassador, which the President has denied. In an effort to investigate this new development, The Daily Beast has found that other former Trump advisors have previously offered to testify that the President is a liar, a tweaker who lacks foreign policy expertise, and a narcissist. In a tweet in May, Trumps former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, who left the White House last August, said that the Republican Party is better off without Trump. He later described Trump as a narcissist, a liar, a loser, a bully, a thin-skinned bully, a bully with thin skin, an aggressive thug. According to the Daily Beast, Bennett said that the White Houses incompetence, ignorance, and incompetence has put the country in jeopardy. Bennett has also said Trump lacks the courage of his convictions and is a liar. You know, he doesnt have any convictions, Bennett said of Trump. But the best thing about him is, he lies like nobody else I think I ever met in my life. A few months later, Trumps foreign policy advisor Walid Phares suggested that Trump is a dishonest narcissist and the personification of whats wrong with the.

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celebrities deaths 2017