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She leans forward and gives you a peck on the cheek. She smiles, but you immediately feel a twinge in your heart as you realize what you said. You almost didnt, but it was too late now. Youve said it one too many times lately. Its a stupid habit, because its really not true. It doesnt matter how close youve become though, because you know that you can never be with her. Yeah, but why did you stop. I never thought it would, but they keep targeting us and I cant have you dying like this. You feel the sudden urge to run out of the room and hide in the basement, but you find that what comes after that is even more painful. If you leave me here, I know Im. The pair of you go into a tirade about your feelings the same way that youve been doing for the past several days. You both never stop talking about how much you love each other. You know that her feelings are genuine, but you also know that shes just hurting you. You cant bring yourself to believe that shes going to actually leave you and never come back. You turn to see her, but shes gone. Before you can even think about doing something, you are startled by a heavy hand on your shoulder. We both thought it was just a bad idea, but we didnt think it would go this far. You open your mouth to protest, but then you hear the door to the basement open up again. Something about her makes you feel a little nervous.

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