Celebrities caught with sex tapes come in two forms: the celebrities that…

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However, if were going to be talking about a real person, lets talk about someone who has it even worse than the average person. Lets talk about our villain:You are so busy reminiscing about some of your earlier sexual encounters with celebrities that you forgot to do any real research. You ask himYou dont particularly feel up to the task of confronting John. There is no point in putting yourself through that. You go down to the local radio station and call the number that John mentioned in his letters. You dont get an answer so you try another one. A man whose voice you recognize immediately answers the phone. He is the same voice from one of Johns letters; he is the same voice that always answered the phone when you asked for help during those late night parties at Johns. I wanted to talk to you about something John, you say. All right then, the problem is that I really dont know all of the celebrities involved in this affair. Im afraid that I can only give you a general idea so far. What can you tell me about other celebrities. I can tell you where to find the ones you are looking for if you like, but as you can see, the list is very long. I have to warn you though, some of them arent going to be easy to find if you dont know the name well and some of them may not be involved in this affair. Now, I can only give you my own experiences, I cannot give details. Okay, you say, Can you give me any names. Yes, but only if you are under 18. You are about to say Wait, are you telling me who you are. When you realize that you dont have the means to actually go to other peoples homes, so you decide to go with the I dont have a name approach. Im afraid I cant do that, the voice says, I have too many people. My home isnt the easiest place to get to. If you really want to find me, then you would have to go where I am going to be. The best place I can give you is the apartment complex near where I live. Just go to the front desk and ask for a bellboy.

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female celebrities with sex tapes