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The new rules also allow for the first time public nudity and sexual acts in public spaces like parks and libraries where children can easily see, according to The Huffington Post. The article does not mention that if you are caught in these acts you could easily be arrested. 3, According to a report by the National Law Review, There is scant evidence that public urination and defecation increase the risk of sexually transmitted diseases, and there is no empirical relationship between these acts and sexual offenses. 4, There are many laws that criminalize sexual acts with animals. Most of these laws are written so that only animals for whom people have a legitimate interest in having sex can be punished. 5, The National Center for Lesbian Rights has posted 10 Questions for Women Who Consider Having Sex with Animals, including the following question: If I have sex with an animal do I have to go to jail. 6, The University of Michigan Law School has posted Is Sex with Animals Illegal. Which points out that In some states, the animal is deemed a vulnerable person and is in need of special protection. In other states, the animal is not considered vulnerable and the animal can be legally killed. 7, The Chicago Defender has posted the following How to Talk to Children About Sex With Animals article: Its a myth that sex with animals causes harm to the animals. In fact, research by animal-rights groups and sex-positive organizations consistently finds that animals do really enjoy sex, and that what kids learn about sex from watching their parents use animals is harmful to the animals. 8, Here is a link to the Humane Society of the United States site containing information on Animal Welfare Issues, including Pets and the Law: Pet Ownership and Sexual Contact. 9, See Sex with Animals: Are Animals Compatible With Human Sexuality. It is not listed by the National Coalition Against Censorship because it is not an original research article but merely a summary of existing research. While it can be considered an academic source, the author, Dr. Sarah Schulman, has not published her results in peer-reviewed journals and so it can be considered to be pseudo-scholarly in nature. Here is a link to the website for the Canadian College of Animal Science. Jurisdictions, a study by the Animal Legal Defense Fund. This is my first attempt at making the worlds smallest video camera. I wanted to create a device that you would be able to mount in your backpack, on your key.

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celebrities caught having sex