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M a dirty secret, you have a better chance of being one than me. Look, when I was your age, I was also a dirty secret. I also was more talented as a fuck toy than I was as a porn star. Ll change the world by having you join my team. But only if you join the team and we become the most successful movie studio in history. D be able to put out a shitty movie and not lose money on it. T really have that confidence in my porno skills, but I can make a movie about your life story. Oh I figure I can do a pretty good job in like a week. You watch as she starts making notes on a notecard. Now are we finished here in your little office. Ve at least got our first draft of the story done. T going to use it for anything other than our meeting today. You see her exit and hear some noise from her computer. You wait and wait, then when you see that it finally shuts off, you call Emma back.

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celebrities caught cheating