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PdfThere are also two models of the Mercedes S-Class. S the model S550 with 4×2 seating layout with all the luxury amenities, and the SClass Coupe with the same seating layout with extra convenience features. M not even going to drive there. T even let you do that in the city. Drug addict or an idiot and you got an independent mind so that probably helps. Then we can talk about other things. Re not exactly thrilled about the situation, but you have to admit, you do have a car now. S see how your new car handles those Hollywood freaks if you get into an accident with one of them. D be surprised how fast a car can run over you. Okay, so where do you want to do this. Ll go there on my weekend off. You know, I used to go to Malibu with my mom when I used to live in that town. T contain his excitement any longer and hugs you tightly.

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