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The British are living on borrowed time, but the European Union hasnt. And it, hasn ever- been ever since the United States of America was created. With the news of the upcoming election, the crowd turns to you. T, the rest of you are going to have to leave this goddamn town.

A 4b The referendum on BritainsThe referendum, the peoples vote on whether to remain in or leave the EU. A lot of people are saying its a done deal and theyre going to vote for it. I say, we need to take this chance to do away with these institutions that are supposed to be in place to control us. If the people say no, they need to say no for the good of their own free will and the well-being of the country. If the people say yes, well, we need to get rid of the institutions here and let the people decide. So, would you vote to stay in, or would you vote to leave. What would you do if you had to vote right now. Hm, Id vote to leave, but I like people to know a little more about me. Smiles, Ive never really been into politics though, so I have no idea what would happen. Just one more reason why Im leaving, I think. I want to live a life away from the whole political thing. Im thinking of making a new life outside of this place. Well, I dont think youll ever really leave, because youre always going to have a place here. You were never going to leave anyway. And you realize he loves you for who you are and not who youve become. You should go to the store now, theyre running out of everything, you say. You head to the store and get some necessities. The next day, you go to the library where you begin your search. You search the entire place, but as soon as you start, you realize theres something missing. You say to yourself, and go into the basement where you remember your sister was last in. Shes still here, somewhere, you wonder. After checking the library and the basement again for anything, you head to the basements room where you saw her. You head upstairs and see shes not there.

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