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As you continue to read these inspirational words, you think back to some of the most memorable moment you have with your beloved Gigi, and you remember her comment about hating wearing a bra. We went with some of your fans who were also my fans that I actually knew before the event. At this point you feel like a complete idiot. T believe you just said that out loud. Re glad someone from your fandom is finally telling you the truth about this. D done stuff like this before, but this was a real first time that you actually had to call attention to it for the rest of the fandom. T cause you to get any attention from Gigi. T have to see you talking about this sort of thing on the internet. Ve drawn a little caricature of Gigi wearing an outfit similar to one of that of a stripper that you used to go to so often during your early years with Tammi. You look back at the inspirational text and sigh heavily. Re not wearing a bra today are you. T we go see a movie and you can wear a bra.

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