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Who was your favorite celebrity who was born on September 28. Deedee13, on at 11:28am PDTI think youll see my results when you see the photos. The legislation would have made it legal to possess and produce cannabis for personal use. Prime Minister Stephen Harper speaks at the House of Commons on Wednesday on a non-binding motion to send a bill to a committee. Sean Kilpatrick THE CANADIAN PRESS file photo, Marijuana proponents had sought to have a legal framework in place for the production, possession, sale and distribution of cannabis. The bill failed because of opposition from the NDP and the Liberals, said Harper. My colleagues who voted against it were wrong. They were wrong on an issue that should be decided by the people of this country. Opposition parties voted in favour of the NDPs non-binding motion that the government should consult the public before introducing legislation related to legalizing and regulating marijuana. Article Continued BelowNDP Leader Tom Mulcair was unapologetic in defeat, saying the governments silent retreat on the bill is the final sign that the Harper Conservative government has lost its way. For the sake of the health, safety and prosperity of the people of Canada, it is time for a new direction. Conservatives have been pushing for legal access to cannabis in Canada for years, but the effort was stymied by a lengthy legal battle. The new bill was introduced by the Conservatives as a replacement for the former Liberal governments failed law. The opposition parties opposed to the new legislation said the new law would hurt local producers, but the Conservatives said they were worried that would create some entrepreneurial spirit for young people that could then be used to market the drug. I hope our new Liberal colleagues will join us in not following in the footsteps of our old friends the New Democratic Party, Harper said in the House. Article Continued BelowLiberal MP Michael Cooper, the bills sponsor, said the legislation was defeated because the Liberal government failed to provide a detailed plan for regulating and separating it out from the black market. What this bill would have done is addressed those challenges.

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