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Is top celebrities, biographies, facts, and etc2919And this is the list, you think. And there you are, a single man on this alien world with no home, no family, no past memories, a body of dust, the only thing important to you is your next meal. You become a minerWhat would be the point in living if all that was missing was an empty stomach. You become a minerMining could do wonders for your soul and your body could use a stretch. You are not sure how you will manage to survive here, but you could work as a miner on the planets surface, though your luck with women might not be the best. The planet was in a bad enough state and there might still be food around. So as a farmer you could live well to the old age. You remember that they were owned by a couple with a son named Peter. You remember that he was a doctor in the old days, but now he keeps his home in the village and his wife in the town. At least they had their son Peter to raise them. You are about to turn back when you see Peter walking toward you, smiling and saying, Oh yes, it has been a long time, hasnt it. We have been married for twenty years now, you answer. I do not remember you being so young, he smiles. I suppose that because of how long we have been married, we have a more mature emotional relationship than most people have, you reply. This time he looks at you strangely, like he is unsure what to say to you. You say We are not so mature as most peopleWe are not so mature as most people, you say in a serious way. Peter looks surprised, so you take advantage and continue. You are about to continue saying something serious, which would make you look childish, but you know you will offend him if you dont at least tease him a bit. You have been studying him from afar for almost twenty-four hours and you can now see that you have no more to.

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celebrities born on september 30