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Today is Dierks birthday and tomorrow we honor him with a quest. You get one week to try and kill all the Super Mutants in the wastes. The Mutant leaders are plotting to take over the city. They want to kill all the other mutants. Ll take over the city with you as their leader. SINGAPORE – A Singapore-based group that provides legal assistance to foreign workers employed here under contract with their employers, is in talks with employers to set up an exchange of information and work programs. In a short press briefing on Thursday, Feb 22 Human Trafficking Coalition of Singapore president Teng Chee Heng said they have been in talks with employers in the domestic and foreign-owned enterprises in Singapore on ways to combat the problem. Mr Teng added that they have also tried to get more information on the activities of the Ministry of Manpower who handle these cases, but have been unsuccessful so far. The government has, so far, no specific policy on domestic or foreign workers who are in breach of contract or who are paid less than the agreed wage. Mr Teng said that the coalition has been raising this problem with other labour groups and with the Ministry of Manpower for several months now and have had no response so far. He said the coalition has appealed to the government to set up a committee to look into this problem. It is this committee that is trying to set up an exchange of information and work programs for employers to help them tackle the problem. He said the coalition will also press the government for more information on cases. The Ministry of Manpower did not respond to queries from The Straits Times as of press time. Mr Teng said that in a case he represented last month, the employer told the coalition they would provide information and work programs to the accused domestic helper by the end of the month. However, no further progress had been made as of press time. These cases are a problem for the government as they affect the ability of workers to earn a living, he said. He said that the workers are under more pressure to comply with the employers demands as compared to other cases, but he added that this pressure is still not enough to force these.

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celebrities born on november 20