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NONE NO EMPTY NOMS You have fun with other guysOh that feels good, now what are you doing. You continueAnd so your life started as an adult. You know there are many things you could attempt, but you would rather focus on trying to get your current situation improved. You would have to put up with a few more challenges, but things are going to be harder than the other guy is suggesting. After all, the world is about to be turned upside down, so you just have to figure out what youre prepared for. So, you decide youre going to help out as best as you can. You decide youre going to help out because you think theres still some good in the world, and youre a decent person, and youre not bad for your thoughts. You decide youre going to help because youre hoping that once your efforts are noticed, theyll become successful, and then maybe, you can move up in your chosen career. You spend your career going about your job, trying to help people. Most of the people who come to you are unhappy, but you usually reassure them and convince them their problems are real and youre going to do something about it, if only they would just try harder. Your colleagues dont know what to make of you, but you think its a good thing that you dont give a sht about yourself, because youd hate to be a goody two shoes. You know, because a bad ass wouldnt have been able to do those tasks, So, youre a big tipper and a big spendthrift, but you usually manage to make ends meet. One day, a certain person stops you and offers to let you help him. We could, but there are other customers and I think I need to buy these clothes right now. You know that in order for the revolution to actually be successful, youll have to get as many people to support it as possible. You have your own apartment in the town, but for the most part you live here:.

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celebrities born on november 18