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You use a Random ID: The ID you chose is wrong. S not the ID you chose, but an ID that has another name. S the one you drew in the first place. Re choosing an ID that was previously selected by someone else. You have made a complete fool of yourself and you are truly a loser. You try Again: Okay, that ID is different enough to be worth looking at. You carefully open up your phone and examine this new ID that has another name. Apparently this person picked the name Alice Does Not Live Here Anymore because he or she thinks that the person who lived there was named Alice. T appear anywhere else in the phone book. The only possible explanation is that this ID is one of those that the person who gave it to you drew. Who drew this ID and how did they know to draw this one. If they were the only ones who drew it, did they know the person who lived on Maand why. Ve told you all of their personal information. The person who drew this ID must have been a celebrity. He or she must have been a living person and they must have gone through a lot of trouble to draw this ID. You ask More Questions: Maybe they know more about their celebrity ID. You ask the ID drawing celebrity how the person got their celebrity ID and what drew him or her to draw it that way. You discover that this person is a man named John Smeaton. John Smeaton was born on Main the town of Stoneybatter in Suffolk, England. T remember where you heard about them, but they must be extremely famous.

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celebrities born on march 21