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You choose Bryan SingerYour first thought is something about an alien craft falling on your farm but theres something else. Ill be getting the shovel you say to yourself. Dont give me that shit you say to your friend. Hes boring, hes slow, hes dull, hes boring. Im serious, Bryans not that interesting, hes boring, hes a loser. I think hes a loser thats trying his best and failing spectacularly. Ill call him out on it when we go see him. I guess Ill see you after all and youre off. While you go about your boring life, an old man with a cane walks up to you. I was there once, it was a pretty scary experienceYou both start laughing. You then exchange pleasantries, youre friendly and you cant believe the people who are still alive now to tell you a story you grew up with. Youll like itMichael heads off for the door, hes already decided he wants to see you anyway. As youre sitting back to watch him leave, you start to think of the movie youve been wanting to see. The first time you went to see the movie was when you were 12 years old. You remember being so scared the whole time the movie was playing. You didnt know this, but you went to a psychiatrist that year and told him about what you experienced, in complete truth and told him everything. His reaction was so surprising, he believed you and wrote you a prescription for Valium. He told you to forget about the movie and you never went back to it. The only time you ever watched it was in the theater in your mind when you were watching it again and it was the best thing you ever saw. But the movie stayed in your mind like a bad dream.

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celebrities born on july 14