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From their feet, we can see a couple of feet of dark fur, and some dark hair. They both look to be about 8 years old, and a lot of the fur is coming out of their mouths. The boy is holding a stuffed gorilla that is about the same size as him, and a smaller stuffed animal or another young child, probably about the same age. The boy is holding a gun while waving the gorilla around, and looks disappointed when he realizes he cannot shoot the infant. The woman is holding a child in both of her arms and looks about 5-6 years of age. Shes not wearing a head scarf, but shes not completely covered either. The baby is not wearing any clothing at all. We see the bottom half of its tiny body and its bare arms, and its face looks about the same size as a babys, maybe a bit smaller. Its eyes are half shut, but its face is expressionless. The baby is holding a stuffed animal or small child. This is a close up of the child, who we can see has fur all over its body and some hair, but it is not nearly as dark as that of the babys. There are at least two more of these children who are also holding smaller stuffed animals. Most of the children are watching all of this, but none of them are speaking. Some of them seem to be talking, but most are just looking into space, at the floor, or out the window. Theyre all watching the infant, but apparently none of them are paying attention to anything else. This is probably because all theyre focusing on is the fact that they are going to grow old together. Its arms and legs are moving slightly in time to the music, its hands are gently stroking its face, its face is gently being stroked and there are a couple of sudden sniffles, but then it smiles. The children and adults who were watching are all staring at this, amazed at the babys ability to smile at them and at what that means. The woman is looking at her hands, at her face, at her baby and smiling as well. The baby is obviously happy, but its face is obviously upset. The baby smiles at the woman, but doesnt say another word. The woman smiles at the woman and looks at the womans baby. The woman is looking at a baby with a different color hair color than the family. Shes looking at a family of adults in a different color hair color than the family.

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celebrities born on august 24