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And now for the interesting part: What the hell is it with people with a strong interest in the birthdays of fictional characters and birthdays in general that these two things become intertwined. When they were working on the movie version of the game franchise Borderlands, one of the writers, Mike Donner, was into the whole birthday thing so much that every year on the 2nd day of April, that being his birthday, he would secretly record and post videos of himself playing the game Borderlands 2 along with other Borderlands related things. Some of them just werent quite right, either due to not being well-received by various parties or just doing not feel like it was a Borderlands-y enough or something. But none of these attempts were successful and in general these ideas of having a secret Borderlands 2 birthday party, or posting a birth announcement, or some kind of secret Borderlands themed party are not quite right. The only party I remember that fit the bill was a Facebook event for the release of Borderlands 2. While the concept was fun, the idea of the Facebook event and how it was used was not exactly correct. You see, on Friday night, Ap, there was a big release party for Borderlands 2 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. So instead of posting an Event page Borderlands 2 Birthday Party on Facebook, you would probably make it something like Borderlands 2 Release Party or even something along the lines of Borderlands 2 Release Party Los Angeles or even Borderlands 2 Release Party, Donners original video nameAnd that means that the party would occur on April 22nd, 2015, which is actually the 28th year in a row that this game has received a birthday. The actual event page would read as follows:In honor of our amazing community that has continued to support Borderlands 2, well be holding a release party in Los Angeles, CA. Well be revealing more information next week so keep an eye on our official Facebook page, Twitter, and Twitter account for updates. You can RSVP to the event by clicking the RSVP button below.

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