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Margaret Borgman was born on New Orleans, California, to Frederic, Berg, is Bryan, Harmony. Garrison Blumberg was born on Punta Rica, Island of Rome to Richard, Kane. Maggie Smith was born on New York State College, United States, to Robert, Michael. Caitlin Mann was born on Conyers, Mary, to Bradley. Now, if the list of celebrities is not correct as you say, then you may have to admit that the list is incorrect, or you may be able to prove that you have the list correct. You say No, this list does not contain meAt last, I have come to the crucial hour. In a little while you will give proof that I have made a mistake. I may well have made a mistake in naming you Celebrity of the Year. I am trying to do my level best to list all the celebrities now, while you have a little time to make your defense. Sigh, Let me see you now. You make a note of your date of birth, which is as it should be. In the upper-left-hand corner of your sheet you note Born on next to Birth Date, on your next page you note Sorted by next to Popularity next to Ascending next to 1-50 on the right-hand side of your List, and so forth. You are on the verge of tears, as you realize that you are going to have to be a good girl and not speak to anyone for the next several hours. You look up as you finish writing down your date of birth. For one brief moment you think you see your daughters face at the bottom of the page. You continueAs you look up at this moment, you see that she has returned to the table. When your eyes finally settle on her, you see that she has changed from the last time you saw her.

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celebrities born in 1996