Celebrities born in 1954

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TxtYou see dozens of names in the list with many more photos. You know they all were either celebrity or celebrities of the time period and you need to stop. T want to start reading through all of them. T worth bothering wasting time on and you continue to write down any other names that catch your eyes. Nothing on the street, from the people around you or even from other characters in the game. Re not worried about it, you are curious to know where it came from. You think about asking about the voices, but decide against it. S still enough information that you decide to write down what you know about the street to see where it might lead you. Re going to check the police scanner again first. Ve been here before before, but your heart beats a little faster still. If you can remember this street, maybe you can remember how to get back home. Re at least a few blocks from where your home is.

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celebrities born in 1954