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List of famous people born in the last 50 years. You decide which of the two to browse first. You want to get a more complete list of celebrities born in the 1950s, but you realize that this list might take some time. You think youll have to look at this list every time you do a Web search, which wont be a problem since you have to do a lot of searching on the Internet every day. After all, thats one of the reasons why youre in business. You open the first celebrity born in the 1950s list and see that its not too long. Youre particularly interested in the celebrities born in the last 50 years as theyre much longer. Not to mention the fact that they tend to be better-known. You spend a few minutes perusing through the list of famous people born in the 1950s that youve been receiving e-mails from. You keep seeing the same old names. The list is mostly populated with actors and musicians, though you find that a handful of sports stars also have birth years in the 1950s. Thats a little surprising since you remember being taught in school that baseball players didnt get to their positions by being born in the 1920s. You had also forgotten about the fact that the first black heavyweight champion of the world was also born in the 1950s, too. You read more about each celebrity, and while there isnt a lot of information for all of them, you have a good idea of much of what you want to know about. For instance, you find that the Beatles are both a rock band and a popular music group, born in the 1950s. You keep reading a bit more about these famous people, and while they dont have many more birth years in the 1950s, they do have even fewer in their current years. For instance, George Harrison was born in 1950, but his most recent birth year is 1992. While its technically true that Harrison was born in the 1950s, its extremely unlikely that he would still be known today as a rock star if that was his only birth year. He would be much more clearly known as a singer from the 1960s and 1970s who first gained attention in the 1980s. You keep going through the list and you start scanning through some of the celebrity birth years that you dont read about in your e-mails, but you do learn that one of them is the most recent celebrity born in the 1960s, Whitney Houston. Youre a little disappointed that you dont find much more celebrity birth years in the 1970s, since then you might be able to find an actress you can remember from TV show you watched as a kid. You keep going through the list of celebrity birth years in the 1980s only to find two names you don.

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