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Joan CrawfordBirthday: May 24th, 1939Birthplace: Los Angeles, CaliforniaJoan Crawford is one of Hollywoods greatest film stars. She was born Joan Marie Raskin on in Hollywood, California after her parents, Frank and Ruth, Ortega had a misunderstanding with authorities and Joan and her younger brother Raymond were both taken back to their hometown, Rosamond, California in 1921 for not being a good child. It was here that the two siblings lived with their grandmother Emma. At age 10, Joan first met actor, director and producer Frank Sinatra. By the age of 13, Joan was acting in numerous film and stage plays. She also began appearing on TV variety shows such as The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour and The Mickey Mantle Show. In 1935, she auditioned to play Joan Crawford in a film called The Young and Innocent Maid. Her father Frank objected to her playing the part as he felt she was too young to play the role and he wanted to see the older Joan and when she took her daughter to see a film she saw, he told her that he thought it was her daughter. When the movie was released that year, it was a small hit and Frank was awarded an Academy Award. In 1936, she appeared in a TV movie called The Lady from New Jersey. In 1938 she starred in a TV movie called An Ancient Love Story. In 1941, she starred in the film I Was Married Once and I Have Two Husbands, Now Why Should My Second Husband Be So Hard On Me opposite Charles Boyer, of One Night with Fred and June fameHer film career continued to flourish with her leading parts in the 1941 film In the Heat of the Night and 1943s The Little Foxes. She next starred in the 1946 film The Lady Eve opposite Richard Burton and the 1955 movie The Last Picture Show with Peter Lawford. In her later years, Joan Crawford became a strong advocate for the rights of women and she made several public remarks about discrimination against women, claiming that if they can discriminate against me, they can discriminate against anybody. In 2003, Joan Crawford died while vacationing at Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Her death and her passing became a subject of much controversy. BENGALURU: In a first, AIADMK Mysuru district convenor K G George is set to enter the house of a woman facing an emergency, but there is nothing emergency about it. George has come here to persuade her that her family should be included in her decision to leave her home and live in her sisters house in Kolar district. The incident took place in her sister Lokeshs house in Vadapalani, a.

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