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Mark Stewart, 1938 – 2002, Richard Donner American director. Michael Phillips 1938, 1942 – 1988. You become a celebrity yourselfDespite your own reservations and some of those of the others, you dont hesitate and decide that it is your duty to leave the place youre living in and pursue this career as it was given to you. You do it as you intend, but the next day you start to have new doubts. First of all, you come to the conclusion that youre not cut out to be a celebrity. The people you encounter here are not people whom you can be yourself around. You find it difficult to be yourself in some ways, and youre not convinced that you would become a star even if you tried. The next day you get a call telling you that your agent has been arrested and is being taken to the police station where he is being charged with selling stolen goods. You learn that the police have found your house ransacked, and that your papers were taken from you. As for you, you believe the police will find your missing papers and find out where youve been living. You also have your passport, but dont care if someone finds out the location of it since you have no intention of ever leaving this country again. Since you have no other places to go, you decide that youve had enough of that place and you have to leave. So, you head home to your parents house in New Hampshire and youve got to leave soon. Youre in a new place for the first time in your life and youve got a difficult time adapting to it. Your first night there you get into trouble because of your unfamiliarity with the place. Youre kicked out of the house by your father and your mother. Youre not surprised when your mother tries to talk you out of leaving, but you tell her that you are leaving and that you think its best that you should go on a trip and that you should be able to make it as far as you need to get to before you had better things to do. You dont leave without making another trip to visit your friends. You still havent found a job, but you are pretty sure that you will find one eventually, you just cant find any right now. On the second day you come across a magazine ad.

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