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Clint EastwoodHe is a famous American Movie Director, Actor, and Actor-director. He is best known for his roles in such movies as Unforgiven, The Outlaw Josey Wales, Gangs of New York, Unforgiven II, First Blood, Unforgiven III and, most famously, Born Free in which he portrayed a man forced to live in a zoo when his family was killed by bandits. He is also the name of Clint, the owner of an antiques shop. You want to know more about himYou decide to read more about himClint Eastwood was born in a small town in New Mexico in 1930. He studied at the University of Colorado at Boulder and was considered one of the countrys top film student. His first film role was in the war film On the Bowery in which he portrayed a veteran who is drafted and sent into combat. Eastwood made his screen debut in Unforgiven in 1969. With the movies success, he was sought out to star in many other films. He won a Best Picture Oscar along with three Golden Globe awards for the film. In 1981, he was diagnosed with glioblastoma, a malignant brain tumor. He would succumb to the tumor in 1985 after a brief battle. The Birth Year of a Movie StarHe is most famous for his role as the law-enforcment inspector in the movie Unforgiven, 1969 He is listed in the National Film Registry of the Library of Congress for his distinguished career as an actor and film director. It is a great pleasure to inform you that you are being directed to the right country house. There is a small parade of cars passing on the street, and then from the right you see the house with the white door. This city, like many others, has a small private hospital near its business district. It also has a hospital for the insane so the hospital in the city is actually in the suburbs. The first thing you notice is that it is not in very good condition.

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celebrities born in 1930