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He was even going to attend theIn addition to the old guard celebrities, the president-elect also has gotten some high-profile celebrities to publicly back him. Tom Hanks, George Clooney, Mark Wahlberg and Robert De Niro all publicly endorsed Trump during one of his many rallies in which he said his first priority would be saving the economy from disaster and bringing good jobs back to the U. He even received a private ceremony with Leonardo DiCaprio where they kissed each other and exchanged rings. While the celebrities are often seen as one of the few unifying forces that remain in the United States, their recent actions have left others less hopeful about Americas current status. It feels like theres only two factions. Theres the I believe this, and Im going to support Trump camp and then theres the I didnt believe this, and Im going to look for another option camp. And it just seems like for the next four years, were going to be sort of stuck between those two camps. I dont know, this is really hard because I just lost a ton of friends, and I know theyre going to be thinking all kinds of shitty things. I also know my friends that are still supporting Hillary are going to be thinking all kinds of shitty things about me. Also, I just learned that my younger sister just turned 18 and just got her drivers license. So I guess the reality is starting to set in, that this is kind of going to be difficult. 6, But regardless of what happens next, the country is still going to have to deal with the reality of this change in government. While the entertainment community is no doubt one of the key parts of the reason for this elections outcome, you better believe the future of this country is also going to hinge on whether people are actually going to get behind the new government. If that doesnt happen, well, who knows what kind of trouble the U. I dont mean to be arrogant, but Im sure youve heard of the Harry Potter series, right. This is my take on it, in the same universe, but set in a completely different time period. So yeah, if you havent read those books, dont even bother trying to go into this story, theres not much here for you. That his death was final proof that Voldemort was truly destroyed, that he was destroyed by a single bullet to the head by.

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celebrities backing trump