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The Womens March brought out the best of the nation, Trump tweeted after the march, also saying its turnout is even bigger than President Obamas first inauguration in 2009. Its true that the WomensMarch was bigger than the Womens March on Washington, but its a bit disingenuous to compare a bunch of people protesting a particular policy decision to the one time millions protested against a particular president. As the Washington Times reported, organizers cited President Donald Trumps campaign promises to Make America Great Again, his proposals to build a border wall, reduce immigration and create a religious test for entering the U. As Womens March founder Marian Wright Edelman put it, the march was meant to counter the message of the new administration that it is not your kith or kin and that your future is not safe. The world is hurting and feeling frightened, the website for the event said, going on to state that, We stand together, recognizing that defending the most marginalized is defending us all. Here, Trump is right that the march attracted more than 1 million people and that some of them did show up to voice their opinions. But thats not what sparked the national movement. Many were there by choice; many were there to protest policies and actions of the new administration The WomensMarch didnt start as a protest of the new president until he was already in office. Thats when some of the women that had been marching before all of the sudden went from protesting his policies to actually trying to convince the public that he was bad and needed to be kept out of the White House. I wasnt sure if this day would come, but it has. Another was:Theres a small group in our country that doesnt like your agenda, President Trump. They dont like it because it doesnt fit their narrative. Thats okay, because thats democracy at work. Thats a line taken from a recent op-ed by author and filmmaker Michael Moore, who is no friend of Trump. Some of the participants at the march took issue with these messages. Other protesters were protesting the resistance that Moore and others in Hollywood are currently promoting by marching in the marches. The marchs website states that it is not a protest; its a statement. Here are several tweets to get you started thinking about why people are marching:Many people are marching to stand up against hatred and bigotry.

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celebrities attending womens march