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The news ticker tells you that todays news is a big one, but as youre reading the headlines, you cant help but find them to be a little hard to bear. It seems like the world hasnt been the same since you got here, and now it seems like this day isnt going to be any different. The headlines continue to tell you that things are about to get worse as well. You close the newspaper and sit on the ground by the door for a moment, staring at the building, at the people who are now on their way in for the Wimbledon tournament. All you want to do is just lie down, but your stomach rumbles, and you know you need to eat. You turn your head to the side and look up. A few of the people already in are looking down at the building. Theyre trying not to stare or stare at you; theres definitely a rule against that lately. No point in them getting friendly with you, though, you guess. And you certainly cant be friends with any of them, you know that by now. Still, you notice that someone next to you is staring up at you, and it gets your attention. You continue staring at the building and the people already in. No point in them knowing, you decide. They can just keep the stares to themselves. You decide to go with your gut decision and stay in the building. You take a few steps into the building and peer around corners at people, but still you can make out nothing special in the lower echelons of our civilization. Its like all thats going on is the chaos and pandemonium going on outside. The building has obviously been under construction for well over a year now. The windows in this part of it arent even the glass ones youre used to, theyre solid metal pieces mounted on the inside of the walls which have to be smashed open before you can get in. As you walk forward more and more metal doors open up to let people in, and there are a few familiar faces in the crowd of people already in. You recognize those faces pretty quick.

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