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You attend the fightYou made up your mind before leaving for the airport. Im going to see Conor, Im going to see him fight Eddie Alvarez. So you packed your bags and went to the airport to catch a flight to New York. As you got on the plane, one of the two flight attendants noticed you sitting in your seat by yourself. You had no idea that you were the only one on the flight. When the aircraft was about to take off, the attendant who was going to take you to see Conor asked if all of the flight attendants in the other compartments were OK. She then said that there were a lot of people on the plane and that there were problems taking off. The flight attendant then ran to tell the captain that there were passengers on the plane that needed to be helped. The captain then went to the back of the plane and saw that no one else needed help. After reaching your destination, you ran through the airport trying to get to the UFC 205 Event. In a panic, you ran through sections of the airport. However, you were not successful in finding the UFC fight until a police officer ran up to you and asked if you needed help. It looked like there were a lot of problems, we were rerouted. We were supposed to fly to Florida, and we ended up on a different flight to New Jersey. Is that the fight between Conor McGregor and Eddie Alvarez. Think its in New York City, you said. Ive been to New York City a few times, the police officer said. Thats only where Im going to be able to see it after the fight was originally supposed to be in New Jersey. You told him you would be there after the fight. The officer ran out the back of the plane and to the back of a separate vehicle that was waiting there. Youll be arriving at the location to the airport after the fight. And if you get there before us, youll be going without the need for assistance. You got in the back of the police car to the police car and got inside.

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celebrities at ufc 205