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Something with two women and two men and their romantic lives. You decide that you really want to get out there and meet people on the level you are at now. So you decide to try to get a job. You start looking up jobs and you find that you actually have a few options. As you look a few different companies, one in particular catches your eye:The job is at a game show calledThe audition is at the TV studio. There is also a big casting call for a show that is currently in development. You have to act for a sketch comedy show and a reality show. This is actually a really good combination because it means you can make your acting more relevant to the job you have on the show. Now you are left with one last choice and you just like what you see. Your mom says youll see her when youre done with school, and you smile and wave goodbye to her as you walk out the door. You walk out, smile and start thinking about what youll wear, then your mom comes running out of the kitchen. You need to come back in and get ready right now. You run back in the kitchen and tell her what youre doing. You run back in and shes standing behind the couch. The show is about a kid named who is on a quest to save his dog from the evil witch. Youre acting like you have to be that specific, but that isnt even what the audition is for. Maybe not right away, but its definitely going to be important to our future. I think you know I want to go to California and.

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