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You watch itYou open a fresh tab and log into your favourite news feed. You dont actually pay attention to what song is playing. You just keep scrolling through the pictures until you find the mashup you clicked on in the first place. Its a picture of yourself as Emma Stone as Merida from Braveheart. Youre about to hit the play button, but then you remember something you forgot to do. You remember that you deleted all your pictures from your computer two days ago. You close your laptop and put your head in your hands, then you remember that you dont have to go through with all this. There really isnt any reason why you should see those pictures, youve been living in a fantasy world that doesnt need them anymore. After you delete all your pictures and close your laptop, you notice that you dont feel quite so empty. Theres just been a new thing thats taken advantage of your lack of emotions. Something is happening that should be more than enough motivation to do what you need to do. Your little sister came back to visit your place. And youre sure that she mustve come to say goodbye. Maybe shes going to give you an ultimatum of some sort. You go to visit your sisterYou quickly pack up your things and make your way over to your sister. She definitely seemed to be unhappy that you werent around a few days ago. I was supposed to come over here today, but I got into a big fight with the boss over who should manage the store. Yeah, I had a fight of my own with the boss yesterday. I think itll be a good opportunity to talk it out. Oh come on, I cant see myself arguing with the boss over the future of management when our mom and dad are out of the picture. Okay, Im coming over, come on lets get going. As you say it out loud, you realize that youre just going to have to go over to talk to her, so you go and knock on her door. When you get to the door, theres a knock at the door by the name of Merida.

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