Celebrities are people too, and just like regular people, they get sick…

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You go with your gutYou decide that this could be for the best. You cant prove anything, but you can try things. Youve never really been a fighter, but if it doesnt kill you, being sick might be worse. You leave your room and head down to the courtyard, where the people are just wandering around, minding their own business, or at least they would be if Selena had not decided to have all her people come down here today and have a party. Your room is nearby and you manage to sneak in. Its not much, but its your first time in here and you figure you ought to take advantage of it. You hear a lot of noise, and the banging of your door is soon joined by other sounds. You peek your head out the door as you hear Selena yelling at someone to shut up, but that someone turns out to be you. Nothing, just got a party in and everyone is having a good time, so just come inside and enjoy your party.

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celebrities with diseases