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Plastic surgery is one of the most common scare tactics by criminals to divert attention from their illegal activities. This isnt even the weirdest thing you found on the internet today. S a video of a guy dressed up like a little girl getting a tattoo on his arm. Hey, does anyone know anything weird on the internet about tattoos. Like what the hell is with these random people getting crazy shit on their bodies. I mean I get the idea of having a little piece of artwork on your body, but seriously. T understand why a lot of people are getting weird things on their skin. S some sort of statement or something, but no. You grab your phone and check your email. Ll be good to keep up on your current activities on the internet in your free time. You open up the email and see a bunch of links. What you see once on the screen is not what you get back. You can only assume it probably had more options. You find it on a message board: a forum where people share pictures of their tattoos and ask how others have gotten them. You click on the first page and are surprised to see a message from the administrator.

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celebrities then and now plastic surgery