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You think about your own parents and how you never ever went to any sort of parent-child event, which kind of makes you think that not many parents actually do anything to keep in touch with their kids. You look back and forth between your parents and how each one of them acts a lot more different than the others. You have one parent who doesnt care one way or the other about you. You have another who doesnt always like you, but always tries to be there. You have another one who cares very much about you, but just sometimes. Which reminds you; you have yet to meet Mom and Dad. You havent seen any of your other grandparents or cousins in a while. You go back in time a bit to see them, but you dont see all of them. You go back a few years to see them, but you dont see all of them. You always wondered what they were up to. You think back to when you left before and how it was different. Maybe you could catch up with them in the present. Mom and Dad probably didnt care what happened to you. They probably just went about their own lives. Maybe they were just doing their own thing. Maybe you could get them back to you. Or perhaps they couldnt get you in the first place. Maybe they cant get back to you at all. You tell them about the pastYou look at your two parents and smile. Im very happy that you and Dad are together. We are too, but we should go on another trip somewhere for a little while. I want you two to take whatever you have on a vacation. Your mom nods, but Dad looks very downcast. Well do everything we can to make it up to you. This will be the last time I want to discuss our present or future with you; you can talk about those with each other. But I want to talk about something weve left out of the last few conversations. You notice the silence that has fallen between Dad and Mom.

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celebrities and their kids