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Theresa May Khan May Barker OBE Osprey Marks Dudley McDowall Clara May Marks Khan Barker Lamb Barker Olivia Lamb OliviaName: Theresa MayNickname: TNickname: TAge: 35Years: 20Hometown: London, England. Current Residence: Downing Street, London, England. Daughter: Charlotte May, 20, Dudley, Son: Jack May, 21, Charlotte, Son: Jack May, 22, Lamb, Son: Jack May, 23, Olivia, Son: David May, 19, Khan, Briefly dated David Cameron, who she dumped because he was a cowardParents: Philip May, Conservative MPSpouses Name:, Father, Philip May, Conservative MP, Mother, Mary MayChildren: David James MayChildren: John MayChildren: Michael May, 26, Khan, Marital Status: Single. Hobbies: Reading, Cycling, Writing, Dancing, Playing the Violin and PaintingLikes: Music, Movies, Books, Nature, Travel and the London ZooDislikes: Politics, Immigration and Being Out of Order. Politics: Theresa May is a member of the Conservative Party and is currently serving as the Home Secretary. Politics: Theresa May currently serves on the House of Commons Home Affairs Committee, which looks at civil liberties issues. Personal Status: Theresa May has a life time partnership with Prime Minister David Cameron, and has four children. In 2004, she was the frontrunner for the Conservative Partys leadership, but was forced to drop out of the race after the Partys National Executive Committee, NEC, disqualified her from the nomination. She was later nominated by her supporters, but was unsuccessful in the subsequent leadership election that year. In June 2015, the House of Commons voted to lift the ban on her serving as Home Secretary. She succeeded David Cameron as Conservative Prime Minister on 9 July 2015, succeeding David Cameron as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Previous to taking over as Prime Minister, she resigned from her position as Home Secretary and moved to Downing Street to continue to serve as British Prime Minister. During her premiership, she was known for her strong ties to the Conservative Party, and was praised as a principled Conservative, and a strong and decisive leader. These qualities were praised by the electorate as well, as she was re-elected with a slim majority of the vote in the 2015 Parliamentary election.

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