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You dont go to a PartyWell, I dont think Im going to a party tonight you say. No, I think Ill stay at homeYou dont think youre going to get into trouble tonight. No, I dont think soThen why are you worried about going to one. Youre not going to get arrested, are you. Im not worried about anything, I just dont want to get into trouble for my beliefsYou have to admit, if you went to a party where you could be arrested for wearing a t-shirt that said Dont be evil, you would probably go to a party wearing a t-shirt that said Dont be evil. The Canadian PressTORONTO Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne was heckled by a heckler as she made her way to a news conference Wednesday during a visit to Toronto. Wynne stopped her car near City Hall and a man dressed in a green t-shirt and carrying a bullhorn stood and shouted, Marian, stop pandering to the Liberal voters. He was quickly drowned out by laughter from other passersby. Wynne, clad in a blue dress, smiled and waved as another woman, not a Liberal supporter, shouted her support. Wynne was also heckled during a stop in London Wednesday. Thats where she said shes hoping to get a better sense of Ontarios housing needs before making a decision on the size of additional government subsidies the city will be required to provide. Wynne was in the GTA for Ontarios budget implementation meeting, which also included a number of public events. A group of Progressive Conservative MPPs were holding a news conference outside City Hall when Wynne arrived. The trio said the premier and her ministers arent taking questions and theyd rather address the group directly. I thought you guys were supposed to be getting answers, she told the press corp. The premier also said she believes the Tories deserve the criticism theyre facing, but said she wanted to visit with the press corp to hear their concerns directly. I actually dont like this, the criticism I really dont like this, she said.

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