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The crowd is shocked, they dont know what to think. Some believe him, which makes him happy, a lot of people just cry, but a few even get angry. The next day he is spotted on TV talking to a crowd of people, talking about how humans worship false gods, but the media and the entertainment industry are covering it up. He doesnt mention the Illuminati or his own participation in it. No one is able to find you though, so you are safe until the end of time. You head to some dark area in the underground and hide. Nobody is going to be searching for you in this area, you could wait for them here like you planned. A while pass by where you wait and look around. People are still moving around, doing their lives and all that other stuff, but no one is here. You wait for many hours, but nobody comes. The whole area where the sound of screaming came from is now empty. You are beginning to get scared and you look around once again to try and see where it could have came from. Suddenly you see something in the dark that looks familiarYou run towards it and grab itIts a human head. You open it and see that its head is completely decayed and covered in dust. You wonder if the other one died and the head fell on top of it and rotted, or was it eaten by something and the dust covered up the body, or was this head eaten by a spider, or something similar. You are at a loss and you cant make heads or tails of what to do. Do you throw it away and hope that someone will find it. You will call the police, but you might have to get a really good lawyer later, since this might very well get you into more shit. Suddenly you hear a noise in the distance, it probably was a car backfiring, you just hope that it wasnt in your neighborhood. You go to the phone and call the police, but it doesnt even ring. You spend a few more hours listening to the news news, while waiting for someone to answer you. It finally rings and you can hear someones voice. Hello, my name is John, my wife and I are trapped in a house. What house are you in and whats your wifes name.

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celebrities who worship satan