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The world is full of people who believe in one thing and their opinion on that thing might be completely wrong. After you have thought about who is right and which one is wrong, you will have to decide and you will have to act You just have to decide. Because it is in YOUR best interest, to be right, to be the best, to do good things. The world wants to believe that someones good intentions can turn into evil. Good intentions can make bad things happen in an instant. And you should realize that if somethings wrong, its wrong. The world cant ever know that youre not the one whos right. The world cant be happy with you or someone like you. You are a wonderful fellow who has chosen to live Christs Gospel in all his simplicity. And most importantly The world cant ever hurt you. You dont think youre in a position to do any more damage to her, and you think you deserve to be left alone. You have to go home, even if that means going off by yourself. You leave your room and head to the kitchen, where you find Mary still standing there, with your car keys in her hand.

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catholic celebrities