Carol Kirkwood: BBC Breakfast star shares ‘terrifying’ moment ‘I’ll never do that again’

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Carol Kirkwood, 58 exclusively spoke to about the nerves she encountered while hang-gliding on The One Show which left her terrified as the “towrope snapped”. The weather presenter had waited for clouds to clear before taking part in the stunt, but that did not stop chaos ensuing.

I was hanging on for dear life

Carol Kirkwood

Carol recalled: “The bravest thing I’ve ever done was… hang-gliding for The One Show. 

“I had to wait all day for the clouds to clear, which meant I was getting more and more nervous. 

“Finally, we were good to go. I was hanging on for dear life as we were climbing, with my arms wrapped around this lady who was an expert. 

“Then, the towrope snapped. It was terrifying, but she was brilliant and glided us back down safely. 

“I’m glad I managed it but I will never do that again,” she added.

The star also revealed that she had recently been “knocked off” her bike which resulted in a painful injury.

Carol said: “I got knocked off my bike at the beginning of April.

“I cried for days after that – it was so painful.

“I really hurt my leg, bum joint and my elbow and I’m still recovering from that,” she added.

However, the weather expert usually prefers to drive when heading into the BBC studios.

The weather presenter admitted her journey to work had been difficult after a series of diversions on her usual route, which could make her feel anxious about making it in on time.

On her Twitter, she wrote: “Monday happiness… no road works again when I was driving in! 

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“I know the latter is being done for a reason ..,” she pointed out

It comes as Carol has continued her hosting duties on BBC Weather, where she recently amused fans after getting a word mixed up in her forecast.

The star was left red-faced after accidentally using the word “dogging” instead of jogging as she addressed viewers at home.

Carol was giving viewers a vital weather update as she broadcasted from Greenwich Park when the unfortunate slip of the tongue occurred.

Carol joined the BBC back in April 1998 as a weather presenter and is currently the chief weather forecaster on BBC Breakfast.

She said: “Greenwich Park is one of the oldest Royal parks and look at it….fabulous! The sun is beating down, we’ve seen plenty of doggers.”

Immediately picking up on her slip of the tongue, Carol spluttered: “No doggers of course…lots of dog walkers and joggers around here through the course of this morning,” before launching into the day’s forecast.

BBC Breakfast airs every day at 6am on BBC One.

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