Carl Reiner’s Granddaughter Found Out About His Death From TMZ

Romy Reiner, the granddaughter of the late comedy legend Carl Reiner, found out her grandfather had passed away via a report released from TMZ this morning.

“Very weird to hear about my grandfathers passing from a TMZ report. Needless to say he was an inspiration, and encouraged me to keep writing. I hope to continue his legacy if at all possible. ❤️,” Romy, who is the daughter of Rob Reiner and Michele Singer, tweeted. She then added, “To be clear, when I woke up, it was the first thing on my phone. I got a lot of messages but the first initial notification I saw was that he had passed.”

Romy also added, “All I know is that he desperately wanted to vote trump out, so whatever you do, PLEASE VOTE.”

Our thoughts are with the Reiner family during this difficult time.

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