Candace Cameron Bure Is Getting Slammed for Her Family's Wedding Attire

Fuller House star Candace Cameron Bure was out here minding her own business at a friend’s wedding over the weekend, and went ahead and posted a photo of her family which she captioned “Wedding season and I am HERE 👏🏼 FOR 👏🏼 IT 👏🏼!!! ❤️💘💖 Mama gets another family pic (minus Maks who’s away at college.)”

I mean, nothing to see here right? Wrong, apparently. Candace’s followers have a LOT of thoughts and feelings about her family’s choice of wedding attire—starting with the fact that she wore red.

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Candace fielded multiple comments from people who had issues with the color of her dress, and in response to someone saying she was stealing the spotlight from the bride, said “different style rules in Los Angeles.”

Meanwhile, after being told red is a “no no” at weddings, Candace shot back “anything goes in L.A. there were 4 women wearing red dresses to the wedding.”

People also seemed to have issues with the men in her family not wearing socks, and she defended that as well, saying “this is how most stylish men in Europe wear their suit in warm weather” and “comments like this are unattractive. People enjoy their style in different ways. It’s not always necessary to share your opinion.”


Anyway, clearly the time has come for a poll, so please give your thoughts on wearing red to a wedding here:

Kay, as you were, happy Monday.

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