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Your vote: PrinceWith the recent announcement that the United States will be sending a major force directly into Afghanistan, the issue of the war is once again on the front pages. In an opinion piece for the Guardian written by a long-time peace activist, David Owen, the subject of Afghanistan is again brought up. Military presence in the country, specifically mentioning Obamas announcement that he would keep 8,000 troops there into 2012. There are two important reasons for this, first of which is the lack of popular support from the Americans: The U. Has already lost more soldiers in Afghanistan than in all the previous American wars combined and even a majority of those soldiers in Afghanistan now have returned from IraqAfghanistan, which they have described as a mistake:As American troops return home to a country still wracked with the aftereffects of the longest-ever war, the country is divided. Obama is right that America cant afford another Afghanistan. There is a mood here that, whatever the need to win at any cost, American intervention cannot be justified. He notes as well that a recent study that polled Afghans after the fall of the Taliban had a surprising result: the majority, 51, were pleased with the end of the Taliban, although this was slightly higher than in 2009 when the poll was first taken. Owen argues that the war is having a negative impact on the Afghan people in several positive ways. According to Owen, Our strategy of killing our way out of trouble has left the Taliban stronger than ever. And the Afghan economy, damaged by the war, is sinking into recession. Troop withdrawal has allowed the Taliban to regroup, and rekindles the violence, allowing the very groups that once carried out suicide bomb attacks on Afghan government offices now take up the fight. Owen concludes the article with some advice:The United States needs to commit to leaving at least 10,000 troops to train and advise the Afghan army for as long as it takes the Afghans to rebuild their country and build the security which gives us the confidence to go on staying for a long time. It appears that Owen, like many others in Afghanistan.

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