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There has also been a massive drop in albums released from the likes of The Killers, Metallica, Foo Fighters, Green Day, Coldplay, LCD Soundsystem, Arcade Fire, The xx, The 1975, St. Vincent, Grimes, The Shins, and many other artists, many of whom you probably dont even know. If you have any remaining faith in humanity, you have to think that there is still good in this world. Dont get me wrong; the year 2016 was definitely a depressing one. However, there were some good things as well. It seems like every year theres even more good stuff being released. The list of things Im talking about is pretty long, and I couldnt possibly touch on everything here. Here are a few of the good things I feel we should celebrate this year. After a long silence, the world heard the name Martin Luther once again. After so many years of political strife and religious persecution, Luthers teaching that Christ is Lord and the Bible is Gods word finally broke through. But Im sure you can learn more about it. If youre like me and youve never heard of the Reformation, you may not know all of the negative consequences of it either. I mean there are some pretty dark places in the world were currently living in. There are some pretty dark places in the world were currently living in. Well then maybe itll be good for you. Reformation will make you think about how the world has progressed and how you should, too. Maybe itll help you find yourself again for a change. So if youd like to celebrate the Reformation, check out this list of ten of the most important events that helped to create our modern world. The Internet was first introduced to the whole world through the pages of a mysterious American author known as William Gibson. In recent years, though, a lot of other genius things happen when you mess with the Internet. First of all, people started to really enjoy social networking. Everyone started to use Facebook, and all the other social networking sites, to communicate with their friends and family in real-time. Then people started using them to communicate about anything. But people arent the only ones who have enjoyed the new-found ability to communicate with the people on Facebook. People who didnt normally communicate with people and now have the ability to communicate and communicate freely.

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how many celebrities died in 2016 so far