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Well, where did you say you were. M telling you the exact same thing. M not hearing house right now.

Kate is still visibly upset from losing her home. Re lucky that my friend Melissa made it back from the airport in time to give you a hotel room. S been kind enough to let us stay at her house. M just really glad we can get a place to stay. T wake up in a house that smells like burnt socks. No, I doubt if Melissa can still give us a clean place to stay. I already smelled burnt socks, and I think I might have burned myself. I mean I can at least stay in your house, but this is just making me nervous. Is there no other place we can stay. I mean we should have a safe place to stay, right. I mean this is all pretty stressful and stressful things can get expensive. Re going through something so intense. Ve shared a bed sometimes with your own older sister when you were still in diapers. M ready to take on all this yet, sorry.

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california fire celebrities