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T help but think about Taylor Swift for a moment. You recall the night you and her were seen together by a mutual friend of theirs. You remember how embarrassed you felt on that very night. You also recall how quickly her fans went from celebrating to bashing you in a few short hours. As the clock passes midnight, you continue to think about all of this. M not going there, you think as you nod briefly in agreement. You know that the first step is going to have to be to get into contact with them. T really anything you can do about it until the cops arrive. T have any sort of secret identity that you can take to them. Ve been thinking about Taylor Swift, not to mention her fans, so intensely lately. You go through some of your contacts and make a few phone calls, but nothing comes in for the most part. D be willing to drop this if it meant getting Taylor Swift. T trying to get rid of your fan base either.

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