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Here are some more Calabasas homes to check out: And here are some more Hidden Hills homes to check out: Calabasas homes: Hoodlums in the Hood: Calabasas residents love and care for one another. That is what makes this whole crime situation so frustrating. We are an all volunteer team of citizen journalists. We receive few tips a day and we try to publish reports as quickly as possible. Hidden Hill City Crime Bulletin 4 On Thursday, August 16th, 2013, police were called to the following residential area on Oakview Drive in the Hoodlum district of Calabasas, CA: A woman was found shot to death outside her home. According to witnesses, several people with tattoos on their bodies, including several with the word Shaw inked on their faces and on top of their skulls, were seen riding down Oakview with motorcycles. Police have not identified the victim but said that at least one of the killers was a white male wearing a purple shirt. He was last seen by a passerby on Laurel Drive. Police are asking anyone who has information that could lead to the arrest of the killer, s, to call the Hoodlum Hotline at, 818, 549-5115. Get The Free Handbook: A Total of 14 Steps To Starting A Home Business And The Free Handbook For Homeowners And Other Businesses, Plus the Free EBook, Check out our book.

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calabasas celebrities homes